Yatta Checkout User Guide

Get started with the Yatta Checkout

Welcome, developers! Our documentation includes step-by-step guides and examples to help you distribute and sell your developer tools on your websites and within the Eclipse IDE. It shows you how to access our Checkout demos and how to set up your testing environment to integrate your software tool product or service with the Yatta Checkout. Please note that this document is confidential, see our Vendor Agreement for further information.


The Yatta Checkout is a one-stop solution to streamline payment, licensing, and billing for your software tool business. Instead of implementing everything on your own or juggling multiple solution providers, you just need to integrate our APIs and plug-ins.

Website Drop-In Integrate the Yatta Checkout on your website. A convenient website overlay called whenever and wherever you like. It lets the user stay on your website without any external redirection. No front-end development required.
In-App (Eclipse) Integrate the Yatta Checkout into your Eclipse RCP application or any other Eclipse-based infrastructure. Developers can purchase your software tool product right within their IDE (like the App Store experience). Ideal for converting trial users into paying customers

In the following chapters you will find guidance explaining how to integrate the Yatta Checkout into these sales channels and test it before you ship your software tool to your users.

Note: Some processes require manual approval from us. This approach is necessary to ensure high quality standards and a frictionless experience in the long run. However, it may take 1-2 business days to fully onboard you. Thank you for your patience—we’ll make it worth it! ;)