DevOps Engineer (m/f/d)

Frankfurt || Kassel (Full-time)

DevOps Engineer (m/f/d)


Can you develop infrastructure as code (IaC) and set up IT environments in the cloud? Do you live and breathe microservices? And do you have a passion for systems that wed scalability and security?

Is your tool know-how always up to date? Can you set up and maintain CI/CD pipelines, monitor the ELK stack as well as work with AWS and Azure Cloud resources? Do you have an insatiable hunger for new knowledge and love working in agile and cross-disciplinary teams with teammates who go the extra mile to solve problems?

Join us and become part of our team of researchers, developers, engineers, designers and entrepreneurs. Help us turn challenging projects into success stories by building brilliantly simple digital products and services.


We develop software projects on behalf of customers and build our own software products and services, both open source and commercial.
Here is a selection of technologies we work with and examples of software we build and run.

Tech Stack - Examples

  • Frontend Technologies · Angular · React · TypeScript · JavaScript · HTML5 · Sass
  • Backend Technologies · Python · Java · Kotlin · C# · C++
  • Mobile Applications · Swift · Objective C · Kotlin · Ionic
  • Collaboration Tools · Jira · Confluence · Jenkins · Git · Slack · Figma
  • Database Development · PostgreSQL · MongoDB · InfluxDB
  • Agile Software Development · SCRUM · Kanban · Lean

Target Platforms and Applications

  • Applications · Enterprise Applications · Consumer Software · B2B/B2C & B2B2X
  • Cloud Applications · AWS · OpenShift · Kubernetes
  • Desktop Applications · Windows · MacOS · Linux
  • Mobile Apps · iOS · Android

Of course, we don‘t expect you to have mastered all these technologies and frameworks. All you need is a passion for tech with the right potential and ambition: We all know what makes a great DevOps Engineer—working with whatever tools are necessary and useful! ;-)


We develop software projects on behalf of customers and do research and development for our own software products and services, both open source and commercial.

  • In-house software development in small, agile teams – for customers or for our own products and services. True to the motto: “You build it, you run it!”
  • On the ‘Dev’ side…
    • Writing scripts and setting up tools for agile software development contexts that support and boost the increasing automation of testing, building and deployment
    • Evaluating and analyzing new and existing technologies, frameworks and tools so they can be used productively in the software development process
  • As an ‚Ops‘ …
    • Secure and stable operation of high-availability and high-performance IT systems with independent fault clearance, troubleshooting and analysis. e.g., through well-planned update cycles, clean monitoring, and ongoing development
  • Continuous improvement of quality through relentless root-cause analysis, detailed code reviews, thorough documentation, and rigorous application of all relevant security standards
  • Active sharing of experiences and skills within and across teams to improve software and code quality



  • Degree in computer science with above-average grades (preferably M.Sc., diploma or PhD) or similar qualification
  • Several years of practical experience setting up and maintaining CI/CD (GitLab CI, GitHub Actions, Bitbucket Pipelines, Jenkins) as well as server infrastructure (on-premise, AWS, Azure), both independently and as part of a team (e.g., through work experience, open-source projects or internships)
  • Technical know-how about IT architecture and security, design patterns and best practices
    • Client/server, microservices, gateways, message brokers, storage
    • Security (certificates, SSL/TLS, hashing, secrets)
    • Networking (DNS, IP, ports, firewalls, VPN, subnets, load balancing, etc.)
    • Protocols (smtp, sftp, http, tcp&udp, ssh, rdp)
  • Able to handle some of our tools and frameworks with expert knowledge and skills
    • Infrastructure-as-Code (Terraform, Terragrunt)
    • Containers (Docker, Kubernetes)
    • Automation (Bash, Powershell, Ansible, Terraform)
    • Code management (Git, build tools such as maven, gradle & npm)
    • Linux (debian, RHEL & general tooling [gnu])
    • Monitoring (elk, prometheus+grafana, logs, health checks)
  • A good grasp of basic backend development skills and concepts
  • Strong problem-solving and decision-making skills with good judgment and appreciation for feedback to develop and grow

It’s not just your qualifications that matter, but who you are and what you want to learn and achieve in the future.

Come by and get to know us. Drinks are on us! \o/

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