Welcome to Yatta!

Diana Kupfer joins the Yatta team

Welcome to Yatta!

The new year has brought a new addition to our team: We are pleased to announce that Dr. Diana Kupfer has joined the league of Yatta heroes on January 2, 2017. As an experienced editor, content manager, and PR specialist, Diana has set herself to taking Yatta’s Community Management to the next level.

In the past, Diana has worked as copywriter, translator, and editor. In her role as IT journalist, she served as editor and author for Eclipse Magazin, jaxenter.de (an online IT portal), and other formats. In addition, she handled the editorial content and Social Media activities for various brands (e.g. Java Magazin).

Diana is founder and organizer of IoT Hessen, an Internet of Things meetup. She has also helped organize various conferences, get-togethers, Eclipse DemoCamps, and Hackathons.

Beyond the IT world, Diana also holds a Ph.D. in Musicology and plays the accordion in an Irish folk band.