Frederic Ebelshäuser is a new Yatta shareholder


We are proud to announce that Frederic Ebelshäuser has decided to invest in Yatta and become a shareholder of our company.

In the past years, Freddy has become a vital part of the Yatta developer team. As project lead of Yatta Profiles for Eclipse, Freddy has committed himself to making the Eclipse IDE more accessible and easy to use for software developers worldwide.

Freddy is a dedicated Eclipse Committer and a well-known speaker at international software engineering conferences. We are happy that Freddy has decided to emphasize his personal involvement and his commitment with his investment in Yatta’s future!

“As entrepreneurs and founders, we continue acting like a very agile start up. To stay successful, we always strive to evolve and innovate. So, involving the best people as much as possible is essential”, says Johannes Jacop, CEO of Yatta. “The set of Yatta shareholders is not set in stone. In cooperation with our financial investors, we are always looking for strategic opportunities to achieve our vision of improving software engineering.”

If you want to know more about Yatta as a company or as a team, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Über Frederic Ebelshäuser

Frederic Ebelshäuser ist Projektleiter & Software Engineer bei Yatta. Er entwickelte eCommerce Lösungen als Consultant in verschiedenen Bereichen. Heute leitet Frederic erfolgreich die Entwicklungsteams hinter Lösungen wie Yatta Profiles for Eclipse und einer integrierten Sales und License Management Plattform für Eclipse Tools. Zudem ist er aktives Mitglied der Eclipse Community und tritt zum Beispiel als Speaker auf.