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Yatta Solutions' History

Company Background

Yatta Solutions was founded in 2008 as a spin-off from the Fujaba Project. This cross-university research project was conducted under the auspices of the Universities of Kassel and Paderborn as well as the Technical University of Darmstadt. A number of other colleges and research institutions such as the Hasso-Plattner-Institute Potsdam, RWTH Aachen University, University of Victoria, Canada and University of Bayreuth were involved in the project from 1997 onwards.

The purpose of the project was to create a powerful and flexible development platform. The connection between Java code generation and reverse engineering was a key concern of the project right from the start. The idea was to overcome the limit between model-driven and agile software development. Therefore, Fujaba is also the abbreviation for “From UML to Java and back again”.

Yatta Solutions starting-up

  • Promotion Nordhessen 2008

As Yatta Solutions, we continued to develop the Fujaba approach – independent of the target language.
With an experienced team of software engineers and former Fujaba contributors, we developed a reliable solution for the reconciliation between the model, diagrams and source code.

Under the working title ‘Prometheus Project’, the effort was initially sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and continued by Yatta Solutions, University of Kassel and other partners in the software industry. Among others, we received assistance from Hessen Agentur and Volkswagen AG.

Past Corporate Development

The Yatta team currently counts more than 40 employees at the Yatta Offices in Kassel and Frankfurt a.M. (Germany).

Yatta Solutions has already achieved impressive company successes during its short company history. We are particularly proud of…

However, at Yatta Solutions we consider our greatest success to be the satisfaction of our customers and partners. UML Lab’s public premiere took place in projects at two DAX30 companies. Today Yatta technologies are used by thousands of people worldwide. Yatta customers include small and medium sized enterprises as well as major companies like Hewlett-Packard from the United States.


Since mid-2010, UML Lab has been publicly available to software developers and architects worldwide as a powerful modeling and programming solution. After less than 30 days, our UML Lab Update Site already was one of the twenty most popular entries in the Eclipse Marketplace.

In 2015 we published the Yatta Launcher and Profiles for Eclipse. Profiles is a free tooling to manage Eclipse – for yourself, your team, or within the Eclipse community. No more configuring Eclipse, just start building great software! Profiles is part of our commitment to the Eclipse platform, that also includes our work on open-source projects like the Eclipse Marketplace Client.

  • Yatta Team at W-JAX 2010

Building on these achievements, we will continue to invest into innovative software technologies. We are committed to Eclipse and dedicated entrepreneurs. Software is changing the world. And it's our mission to help people build great software.