Founder & Management Team

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Founder & Management Team

Johannes Jacop

  • Johannes Jacop

Johannes is CEO and co-founder of Yatta. His first computer was a C64, which he received at the age of nine. Johannes is a fully qualified lawyer, having studied law and economics at the University of Bayreuth and completed his legal state exams in Bayreuth and Munich. Before joining Yatta, he worked for two years in a renowned Munich law firm. For Johannes, our vision and our values are extremely important. That is how (and why) we strive to enable developers for the better.

As co-founder and entrepreneur, Johannes is involved in start-ups and tech companies. He firmly believes that start-ups and technology help us to build a better world for generations to come. Even in his free time, Johannes tries to understand how the world might work (better). Johannes is our founder and entrepreneurial playmaker.

Manuel Bork

  • Manuel Bork

Manuel is COO and co-founder of Yatta. He is also a racing cyclist and management Jedi. As COO, Manuel ensures our operational excellence in both team and technology. Prior to Yatta, Manuel studied computer science at the University of Kassel and graduated with honors. Afterwards, Manuel worked for us first in product development and later in various customer projects. Manuel continued learning and developed from a software engineer to a project manager, team lead, CTO and now COO.

Today, Manuel represents us to our customers and partners. He is a well-versed tech expert and entrepreneurial manager. Manuel is a driving force; he makes sure that we keep the pace.

Dr. Leif Geiger

  • Dr. Leif Geiger

Leif is product manager and co-founder of Yatta. He is one of those silent high-flyers and Yatta’s moral compass. Before co-founding Yatta, Leif studied computer science at the Technical University of Braunschweig and earned his doctorate at the University of Kassel. Even today, Leif sees himself as a scientist and software engineer – that is what he is passionate about.

Leif had various roles at Yatta – from software architect to project manager in both product development and customer projects. Today, he leads our platform development together with Frederic.

Leif is chairman of the BITKOM working group for software engineering and is involved in various open source projects, too. He is a committer for the Eclipse platform and the Eclipse Marketplace Client. Leif is father of one child, a happily married husband and enduring mountain biker. For us and our customers, Leif turns science and know-how into performance.

Frederic Ebelshäuser

  • Frederic Ebelshäuser

Frederic is product manager and co-shareholder of Yatta. Frederic is a gifted project manager and radical pragmatist; he is tireless and swift. Before working at Yatta, Frederic studied Applied Computer Science in Trier and Rome in record time. Afterwards, he worked for several years as a software engineer and front-end developer. As an IT consultant, he has turned various development projects into success stories. Frederic joined Yatta in 2013 – first as a software engineer and consultant, later as project lead and product manager. Frederic has since become a Yatta shareholder and today he leads Yatta Platform development together with Leif.

Frederic strives to help developers with a more convenient and accessible Eclipse IDE (and with other software tooling). Frederic is truly restless, both in his zeal and on his travels.