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Yatta is all about development and evolution. Striving for a future where software and technology surround, enrich and serve us is everyone's responsibility — we just made it our job.

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We help you build software and execute your digital strategy. From understanding your requirements through design and implementation to the final rollout—we've got the whole software development lifecycle covered.

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Whether you develop apps, platforms, services, systems or any other custom software, we help startups and enterprises develop better and more software.

Build and monetize software products with the Yatta CheckoutDevelop custom software projects to engineer your future


Developing your software product or service is just the beginning. We help you monetize and sell your digital products —with everything you need to go global.

Monetize, sell and scale your digital productsMonetize and sell developer tools to Eclipse IDE users


All companies are becoming software companies. Whether you are a startup or enterprise, developer or entrepreneur: How can we help you develop, grow and evolve?

Transform your business with custom software solutionsRead and share thoughts about how to develop and grow
“State-of-the-art software engineering is essential in making the high complexity of modern IT systems manageable. Yatta enables smart software engineering by turning current scientific expertise into productive tools.”

Prof. Albert Zündorf

Chairholder Software Engineering

Research Group, University of Kassel

“Yatta Checkout is an efficient way to promote and collect in-app payments for Eclipse-based products.”

Mike Milinkovich

Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation

“It is world class software with a result that insofar as I can tell is unmatched.”

Tim Barry

Master Technologist Cloud Automation SW

Hewlett-Packard Development Company

“Yatta was chosen by the jury because the company showed the highest degree of technical innovation among the competitors.”

Claus Fesel, on awarding Yatta ICT Startup of the Year

“Yatta's strong understanding of our goals and agile way of working led to brilliant results.”

Jochen Dittmar, Managing Director


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Tech is a team effort—and we're always looking for ambitious, driven and talented co-workers. In engineering, UI/UX design, content creation—and beyond.