Become part of our team


Three reasons why you should join us

Our website is obviously not one of them... ;-) — but don't judge a book by its cover. If you want to find out what we're really about, you should swing by and get to know us. Food and drink is on us!

1. You share our vision

This is a good start to head for the same objectives and mission goals. It is of greatest importance to us to maximize positive impact on the world. In the end, this is the purpose of our company. And this is the reason for our work.

2. You share the same values

We love our culture code! You don’t have to have the same feeling right away. And you don’t have to be like that completely – none of us are. But we believe it’s better to be driven by shared values rather than by rules and titles. ;-)

3. You believe this is the very best (working) environment for you

At least for the foreseeable future. Like Akio Toyoda, we believe the key to making quality products is to develop quality people.

Some things we love about this team and company

To boldly go where no one has gone before

We don’t have predefined career paths. We have ambitious goals and a strong backing, which lead to great opportunities and an exciting journey. We will find out where it takes you. You’ll be amazed what you can achieve.

Prime locations, prime equipment

Together, we make sure we have the very best equipment for our daily work. Our beautiful offices are located in the heart of Kassel and Frankfurt. They are designed to connect people, maximize team productivity and interaction, without being isolated, snobbish or flashy.

Teamplay in and outside the office

Whether it’s the regular Christmas or summer event, our monthly “b.random”, common cinema visits, video games or our sport activities: We encourage our team mates to connect with others – inside and outside the office.

No HR, just a brilliant team of peers

Most companies assume that employees, the people, are replaceable, like parts on a product line. We don’t. Everyone matters to us. For that reason, hiring the best people for our team is a company-wide responsibility, not an HR to-do.

Deep dive into knowledge

Because we believe in Hansei and Kaizen, training and education are an essential pillar of our work. Therefore, we encourage everyone to visit conferences, attend and hold lectures, to study and experiment, to debate and exchange views, and to take part in our Academy.

We’ve got all the other perks and benefits

Don’t worry about flextime, fruit, a kitchen, good coffee or a competitive salary. We’ve got that covered. All the amazing things you see here at Yatta exist because someone like you took care of that. So get ready to join and enjoy teamwork with the extraordinary people behind Yatta!