Start Coding Right Away

custom Eclipse profile in the Launcher rocket launch

Install a profile and get your complete project setup with less than three clicks. No more pain with setting up Eclipse, get your IDE up and running the fastest way.

  • Skip the monkey work. Find the right profile on the eHub.
  • Search and browse for profiles created by your company, your project lead, or the Eclipse community.
  • No more installation manuals! Get all required setup information with a single link.
  • Start the profile for your next project or task directly from the Yatta Launcher – and be happy.

Work With Others

share your eclipse settings work with others

Save and share your Eclipse installation and workspace settings with a single click. Collaborate with friends, colleagues and the community. Teamwork has never been so easy!

  • Save your running Eclipse as a profile with the Launcher.
  • Send your friends and colleagues a complete Eclipse and workspace setup with a single link.
  • Push your profile updates just as easy – and always keep your followers up to date.
  • Share your profile, and build your own community.

Keep Eclipse under Control

settings options Launcher rocket flight

Organize and work with Profiles wherever you are. Profiles helps you to successfully manage your Eclipse development environment. For yourself, your team and your community.

  • Upload your profiles and access them from any workstation.
  • Name and describe your profiles – and slim down your documentation process.
  • Get professional support to seize opportunities and meet all your business requirements.
  • But first and foremost: Stop struggling with Eclipse setups, and develop great software instead.